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Secured Debt

Debt management help for dealing with mortgage loans, student loans and other secured obligations.

While your secured debt can not be included in your GFM DMP, that does not mean we can not help! In fact, GFM offer comprehensive education and assistance with two of the most common secured debts, your home mortgage or student loans. Read on to learn more about the options available to you.

Mortgage Assistance
If you have a mortgage, in this economy, chances are you have a mortgage problem. Your job situation or an ARM adjustment may have made it difficult for you to make your payment. Or, perhaps your property is no longer worth the balance you owe. You do not need to be in danger of losing your house to get debt management help. Call us for a free consultation at 1-866-467-1259.

We will help you choose from among a number of alternatives based on your needs, your desire, and your ability to pay. Options include forbearance, modification, refinancing, short sale, and deed in lieu. Each option presents positive and negative impacts on your bank account, your credit rating, and your ability to meet other financial obligations. For more information on each option, click here to learn more.

Student Loan Consolidation
If your monthly student loan payment is higher than you can currently afford, and you have not previously received a deferment, there is a very good chance you can qualify for student loan consolidation. These consolidations typically provide both a lower interest rate and a longer repayment period; when combined, they will provide a significantly reduced monthly payment. However, the longer repayment period can also mean that you end up paying more in the long run. Click here to learn more about student loan consolidations or contact GFM at 1-866-467-1259.

Other Secured Debt Help
If you are having difficulty paying a type of secured loan that is not listed above (for example a car loan), you may be able to negotiate better terms by contacting your creditor directly. Keep in mind that while your creditor can obviously take back the collateral (the car) if you don't pay, they do not particularly want to do this. It costs them time and money. Therefore, it is in both parties' best interest to arrange terms you can consistently pay.

The key to negotiating directly with your lender is to keep calm, recognize that you may have to make many calls before you accomplish your goal, and be willing to provide proof of financial hardship. While it can be a frustrating and time consuming process, your financial well-being is certainly worth it in the long run - get the debt management help you need today!

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