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Debt to Income Ratio Calculator

This calculator will estimate your debt ratio based upon either gross income or net income.

While individual circumstances will vary, a high debt-to-income ratio can be a major indication of a burdensome debt rate. Excessive debt can lead to very serious financial difficulties that can take years to overcome. If your ratio is too high (meaning you spend more than you make), use our budget calculator to adjust your monthly budget to reduce your ratio, or call us at 1-866-467-1259 for assistance in reducing your ratio, and your debt, in order to get your future finances on a solid foundation.

There are two ways to estimate your debt ratio; you can use either your gross income or net income to estimate your ratio.

If applying for a mortgage, ratios are based on a "Front End" ratio, which represents your housing expense, as a percentage of your gross income, and a "Back End" ratio which includes your proposed mortgage payment (PITI - Principle, Interest, Taxes and Insurance) and all of your monthly payments to your creditors less utilities and auto insurance. So, to use this debt ratio calculator to identify a maximum house (or rent) payment, use your gross income and refer to our mortgage calculator to identify what that payment translates to in actual borrowing power.

Acceptable maximum debt ratios for a mortgage are 28% front end (Your Housing Payment) and 38% back end (Proposed Housing Plus Debt) on gross income. Ratio's will vary based upon your credit history and the established underwriting guidelines for the mortgage product you are considering.

Debt Ratio Calculator
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